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Do You Have A Favorite Quote To Share? Or Even Better, Your OWN Original Quote?

Share it! Here you have the opportunity to inspire others with your own Encouragement Quotes.

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Sagas Of Aptitude 
Life is set of stray moments in satire, most of which encapsulated in manmade stratagem,swinging in continous momentum, professionally or personally, …

Best Friends 
The difference between a friend and a best friend is this; Yes, a friend will stand by you, listen to you, laugh with you, learn with you, and always be …

Some Of My Own Thoughts - Colt Meraw 
"The universe conspires to give you the signs and opportunities to fulfill the destiny that the power of your mind creates."

Damian John Spooner's Quote 
"Never underestimate the influence you're words and actions may have on others."

"If you don't have the courage to walk alone others will not have the courage to walk with you." -Apoorve Dubey

To my ghetto seagull from your elite dove 
"I love you more than I miss you" -Tricia Vasquez

The Pen 
The Pen As I'm writing down my story, of how my life has gone All the things that I've done right and all that I've done wrong As I put it down on …

Move on Not rated yet
Be like a snail, just leave your shell behind and just move on. -Samantha Barreiro

Quote by Michael Janks Not rated yet
Belief Is What Keeps Man's Faith Faith Is What keeps man's Beliefs

HAVING A SON Not rated yet
Love is what you want it to be. But being in love is what it’s all about.

Marriage Not rated yet
"The wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever. So choose your cell mate wisely and sentence yourself carefully"

Elvis Kamuhanga's Quotes Not rated yet
Fail, fail and fail until you fail to fail

Freedom Not rated yet
"Freedom is the kingdom of wisdom that blossoms the multiple numbers of innovation, invention and inspiration in life." ~ Anuj Somany.

CHARACTER Not rated yet
"A man can define many things beautifully in his life, but his character is one beautiful thing that can define him instantly and completely." - Anuj Somany. …

My Thirst Not rated yet
"I never use the word HUNGRY as to achieve greatness, but instead I use THIRST. Because the body can sustain for days without food, but would wither and …

My favorite Musician Mike Kalombo Quotes Not rated yet
When you're winning, keep working like you're losing.

Tolerance Not rated yet
It is not difficult to convert a negative into a positive, given that a high level of tolerance remains persistent.

My Personal Motivational Quotes (have not seen published) Not rated yet
I like to surprise those who do not know me...(For those who second guess my ability). It is not about not trusting anyone. It is about trusting myself. …

My Relationship Quote Not rated yet
"Relationships should go slow, not slow enough where nothing get's done. But slow enough where enough gets learned"

Positive and Inspirational original quotes by Ayush Aggarwal Not rated yet
“Success is like a hand pump. More the effort, better is the result” - Ayush Aggarwal Just like a ‘heart break’ is required to know the importance …

My words of encouragement Not rated yet
"Simply smile or laugh and you're already halfway to happy."

Visualization Not rated yet
Why is visualization so important? Because you have eyes.

Focus Not rated yet
Don't beat yourself, beat your record.

Don't Give Up Quote Not rated yet
Don't beat yourself, beat your record.

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Gone fishing Not rated yet
“Tight Lines and Squealin' Reels Put a Smile on My Face Every Time” Gary "Gone Fishin'" Turner

Danish (Salman) Abbasi Success Quote Not rated yet
Don't look for a path, make your own way ~ Danish

Life Unfolds Not rated yet
Stay in the present moment Be here now The past is over Why look there? The future hasn't happened Why go there? Stay with what's happening now …

Author Michael Levys Quotes Not rated yet
If a person be-lie-ves their existence is based on a true life story, how many worries have turned out to be fiction? Multi-tasking makes for; a Jack …

true strength Not rated yet
"True strength and courage is when one faces his greatest weakness, but still tries to overcome or achieve without the word QUIT"

Sometimes God wrap the good gifts in ugly wrappers. Not rated yet
Sometimes God wrap the good gifts in ugly wrappers.

Inspiration Not rated yet
Ones failure is another ones strength!

Motivation--Introspection & Drive By Damilola Olatayo  Not rated yet
I stand on the shoulders of giants, reflecting on all that they've done and all that I am capable of. This motivates me to reach my full potential and …

Success Not rated yet
It doesn't matter your strife. It matters your outcome. -Mitchell L. Thomas

My own Quote Not rated yet
Life is always full of choices, Either you choose them wisely or they'll misuse you wisely.

Mirror Not rated yet
"When you see your own reflection in the mirror give it a smile. Perhaps it will reciprocate with the same smile...!"

Succeeding Not rated yet
The line between stubbornness and perseverance is very thin, but the line between stubbornness and stupidity is even thinner.

Keep taking steps Not rated yet
Life is like taking a walk, it begins with one step and then a second.. not long after this you will need to take a third step or you may fall with the …

Compassion Not rated yet
Real compassion is not restricted to within the compounds of invisible borders. Real compassion stretches beyond the circle of one's own family and …

ALoehrke quote Not rated yet
It's a great day to change lives.

My Engineering quotes Not rated yet
Nothing is called laws of nature, it's all theories missing one question, WHY ?

Gratitude  Not rated yet
Give and receive with gratitude. Do the former, without expectation of, the latter.

Imagination Not rated yet
Your imagination is a gift, unwrap it.

Enjoying Life Not rated yet
Enjoying life is like being a skilled surfer. It’s about learning how to ride out each wave, mastering the unpredictable ups and downs, and achieving balance. …

Resiliency Not rated yet
When we learn how to become resilient, we learn how to embrace the beautifully broad spectrum of the human experience.

Harmony Not rated yet
Harmony is about bringing things into balance and knowing how to go from sunrise to sunset. Mother Nature teaches this to us, in so many ways, each and …

Unity Not rated yet
Each of us are an incredibly unique thread, woven into the beautiful fabric, of our collective consciousness.

Happiness Not rated yet
Happiness is a state of mind, a choice, a way of being and perceiving. Happiness is not an absence of pain, trial or tribulation. But rather, having the …

Overcoming Personal Struggle Not rated yet
Make your pain productive and you can transform tragedy into triumph.

Success & Failure Not rated yet
I'm not scared of failure; failure's my oldest friend. Scared I am of success & being lonely at the end

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random quotes Not rated yet
"Living is a business,your job is to stay alive in happiness" Idris.A.A

Pursue Happiness  Not rated yet
It's all about the freedom and space and the time and energy to do everything you can before you can't do anything - Anthony Prince Seymour II

The Path we Choose Not rated yet
Our future waits for us down the paths we choose , so watch your step!

Brandon scott quotes Not rated yet
A loud mouth may have more stories to tell, But a quiet person pays more attention to what's around him leaving them with more interesting stories to tell. …

MY Quote While I Looked At The Clouds Not rated yet
Limitless individuals have unknown personalities!

Change Not rated yet
What you are now is not what you will be. Believe that you’re more than what you are now, and you will do more. Do more, and you will be more.

Definition of a Productive Day Not rated yet
Today, make your house look beautiful Make yourself look beautiful Make your knowledge plentiful Make your work beautiful

Philosophy Not rated yet
My key philosophy; hold no locks.

Try Again Not rated yet
What is the most important thing in life? Having a partner? Having enough money? Achieving your goals? Or just feeling good about your current situation? …

The Pen: some of my poetry Not rated yet
The Pen As I'm writing down my story, of how my life has gone All the things that I've done right and all that …

Frank Mandaro's Quote Not rated yet
"If you're not a problem solver, you're part of the problem!"

bridge Not rated yet
The present is a bridge which connects the past to the it

Bridge Not rated yet
The present is a bridge which connects the past to the future.

Existence Not rated yet
Existence is the biggest mystery.

Believe In Present of PRESENT Only Not rated yet
“Weakness of mind and fearness of heart have got direct and interlinked relationship solely with one soul’s biasness in life.” ~Anuj Somany

Cinquering our lives..lenglish and spanish Not rated yet
We come to life to...Veni, vidi, vici"  Conquering our own lives is the goal of the game... Nuestra meta en nuestras vidas...Veni, vidi, vici" CONQUISTARNOS …

A Word Of Encouragement.  Not rated yet
Time passes on... As we make mistakes Don't hold regret For your joy it will take Forgive. But never forget! See you must remember... In …

Pool of Life Not rated yet
The rock from which I heave into my pool of life surely made no ripples upon yours, continue to navigate the channels of thy own stormy seas, for I need …

LIFE Not rated yet
“If life is an evolving process, then consistent change is the only resolving mechanism to problematic cases.” Anuj Somany

Animals  Not rated yet
I seldom meet strangers in my journey to different paths of life. And they all had different stories to tell but had only one thing in common. They had …

Delusions Not rated yet
Delusions, a getaway or a gate way to something new? Test and try you never know. After all man did land on the moon.

My quote on martial arts Not rated yet
"Empty hands and knowledge are the best weapons a warrior can have"

Educational Quote Not rated yet
"A teacher’s responsibility is to - Open one’s mind to new information and give them the tools needed to digest, understand, and formulate that information." …

Sure Not rated yet
Make sure that whoever you choose to be with knows your worth and will make you feel like the King or Queen that you are. If you have not found that then …

FEAR Not rated yet
Why be fearful? Why let fear win? Why not take the same energy and become fearless!

Click here to write your own.

What I Think God Would Want Not rated yet
“It is best to accept and love people for who they are than it is to simply acknowledge who they are. For a closed mind will only create hate and resentment-and …

Be Happy Not rated yet
You know you're happy when not even a napkin can wipe the smile off your face.

A Encouraging Quote By Myself in a Moment of Great Despair Not rated yet
When a situation is at the worst it can be, that's good because everything that comes next has to be better.

You Can Not rated yet
If you tell yourself that you can do it, then you will. Believing is the first step.

Moments Not rated yet
Yes, there are going to be times when you're pushed to the limit. But it's our weakest moments that help to make us strong.

Belief Not rated yet
Belief is the magic key that unlocks your dreams.

Goku's Original Quotes Not rated yet
Goals are not finish lines, but check points. Everyone makes mistakes. But its when you take responsibility for them, is when you truly become legendary. …

Do Good Things Not rated yet
There are 100s of things you missed in the past and 1000s of things you will plan for the future. But, All you can do now is only one (1) thing right now. …

You're Not Alone. Not rated yet
We're All In The Same Game, Just Different Levels. Dealing With The Same Hell, Just Different Devils. --Mitali Satpurkar

Happiness Not rated yet
"Happiness does not last for so long; enjoy it while you can. And when disaster hits you, do not fall and fade away; be strong and fight 'till happiness …

Never Give Up! Not rated yet
When your feeling down and you just feel like giving up, like nobody else can hear you cry, you feel like no one cares, you just want to go to sleep and …

Some Life Quotes By Kim J. Baaden Not rated yet
Wealth is not what you have but what you are. - Kim J. Baaden Not only fight 'against' something. But also fight 'for'

Correction Not rated yet
To correct oneself is the beginning of understanding the value of internal law. This design is what gives us the desire to be free from the laws which …

Richard Meneley's Original Quotes Not rated yet
"Prevailing wisdom, rarely is."

Jean Marciella Not rated yet
I don't want to be a memory. I want to be a history .

The Ultimite Sacrifice  Not rated yet
It's not how you die what makes you a hero, It's what you sacrifice to save the one's you love that makes you a hero.

Reality Quote Not rated yet
When the observer itself is an elementary particle, so what’s left?

I Write Quotes  Not rated yet
If a person feels that he has been pushed to his limit in every way, and if it has dawned on him that he has no control over the outcome, his mental well-being …

I Write Quotes  Not rated yet
If a man is sane but still makes insane mistakes, what about a man who is insane?

Nawaid M. Sabri's Quotes Not rated yet
"Respect is something which if you lose once, then you will have to pay your whole life to earn it back." "Nawaid M. Sabri"

A Mature Woman Knows: Not rated yet
1. A helmet worn is not just a safety measure for bike riders. 2. Love & sex are two different things, and latter is now your priceless bargaining …

John O'Rourke's quote Not rated yet
"You have a right to express your differences, but it's how you express them makes the difference" - John O'Rourke The meaning of the above quote …

Crank's Inspirational Quote Not rated yet
"Smile like you've never frowned, laugh like you've never cried, and love like you've never been hurt."

Mrs. Mary Pearson Not rated yet
"If you make your bed hard get up and make it over never lay on anything hard."

Mrs. Mary Pearson Not rated yet
"If you make your bed hard get up and make it over never lay on anything hard."

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Mrs. Mary Pearson Not rated yet
"Seldom visits mean for longer friendship."

Mrs. Mary Pearson Not rated yet
'Bought sense is better than told baby; You cherish it more."

video game Not rated yet
Life is like a video game. If you lose or fail all you have to do is to hit continue.

Life Not rated yet
Life changes every time we blink our eyes

Like a feather.. Not rated yet
"Like a feather in the wind, we all get lost in the moment... Eventually we land in a better place"


Mike FD's quotes Not rated yet
1. There is no reward so sweet as that which is hard earnt. 2. Spontaneity is of the heart; by passing reason - therefore fear.

Maat Ihapi's Quotes Not rated yet
"It is not important the length of life, but the depth of life."

Joy Remains Not rated yet
"When the euphoria of happiness disappears, joy springs eternal.You often express happiness outwardly but joy remains with you even when you're alone …

Quotationist Definition Not rated yet
"If a quotationist who uses the words and thoughts of others to make quotes is a 'Narrow intellectual', then a quotationist who uses their own words and …

Moments  Not rated yet
You walk along the beach on a moonlit night, hand in hand, warm ocean breezes surround you, the calming of the ocean waves ease your mind, you can …

Kaoru's Life Quotes Not rated yet
The joy of today is witnessing the miracles we missed seeing yesterday.

Love Quotes Not rated yet
You & I r made 4 each othr...... ADMIT IT!!!1 Even the KEYBOARD represents "U & I" Together..... ;)

Quote love - Charles de LEUSSE Not rated yet
"Heaven without love : what a hell." - (Charles de LEUSSE, French writer)

Nature and Social Networks Not rated yet

Albert Einstein Not rated yet
"The only source of knowledge is experience."

A Kiss Not rated yet
To astonish me with your embrace and allows me a kiss your beautiful face!

Life Is To Short Not rated yet
Life is too short enjoy the way your life is and the way you are cause in the end you're the only one that can make you happy!

My Heart, My All Not rated yet
When I put my heart into something, I give it my all.. If I don't then what's the point of giving my heart at all?

Type of Man Not rated yet
The type of man I was seeking: A man with enough motivation and determination to grasp my attention without hesitation. That told me his pros as well as …

A Quote on Perseverance. Not rated yet
"Keep it together, or lose it forever."

How Many Last Straws - song chorus 1 Not rated yet
If your so free then exercise your voice, Being silent tells them a lot, How much they can get away with, How simple minded we've become

Rick Ashby (ashadowman Music) Not rated yet
We all can find a personal direction, the same misconception,and a true imperfection. Although none seem to find a lie with deception, misguided by it's …

Best quote in the all Life Not rated yet
"With God For you, Who can be Against you?"

A Look at Self Not rated yet
"You are what you do, not what you say"

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Modeane Walker's Inspiring Quote Not rated yet
I found true love, my soul mate and a best friend. I found me.

My own quote to keep me going. Not rated yet
The only thing to do when there is nothing you can do, Is to soldier on.

Kidus Henok's Quote on Life Not rated yet
"The life I live doesn't belong to me. God just lent it to me and told me to make the best out of it before it's time for me to return it."

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