A Mature Woman Knows:

by Maree A Trad
(Sydney, NSW Australia)

1. A helmet worn is not just a safety measure for bike riders.

2. Love & sex are two different things, and latter is now your priceless bargaining tool.

3. Friendships are formed not made.

4. Your parents were right all along, he is a deadbeat.

5. A man never gets sick of it, and even the dumbest man will figure out how your menstrual cycle works.

6. Brad Pitt will always be a dream away.

7. Joints no longer mean relaxed & happy, they hold bones together and require oiling.

8. Peace and quiet is an induced coma.

9. Your breasts are more powerful than nuclear arms.

10. Elderly men adore you, middle aged men respect you and younger men wish....you were 'Stifler's mum.

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