Positive and Inspirational original quotes by Ayush Aggarwal

by Ayush Aggarwal
(New Delhi,India)

“Success is like a hand pump. More the effort, better is the result” - Ayush Aggarwal

Just like a ‘heart break’ is required to know the importance of 'LOVE'. Similarly, sometimes ‘failure’ is required to know the importnce of 'SUCCESS' -Ayush Aggarwal

" A person without a vision and a blind person are no two different people -Ayush Aggarwal

I Love to love the ones who do not love me because that is how I learn to appreciate the love of the ones who love me -Ayush Aggarwal

I might not be the one you are looking for but I will always be the one you are “MADE for” - Ayush Aggarwal

Anything in excess is bad except "knowledge" because you can never have knowledge "in excess ".You are always learning. – Ayush Aggarwal

speaking without thinking is like thinking after drinking. Both are useless. – Ayush Aggarwal

"Everyone wants Success but nobody wants to do the hard work" it"s like "Everyone wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die"-Ayush Aggarwal

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