This Father's Day

by Kalee Full
(South Georgia)

People tell me I’m strong,
For all that I’ve gone through,
But this day is hard,
Spending it without you.

I try not to be sad,
For you’re not truly gone,
And though I miss you dearly,
I’m still hanging on.

You see, the truth is,
All those people are wrong,
When they say you’re not here,
When they say that you’re gone.

I might not can hug you,
Or give you a present,
But we’ll be together soon,
Right there in Heaven.

I really hate to wait,
To see you again,
But God had His reasons,
For taking you home to Him.

Today is the first time,
When I’ll spend this special day without you,
But other’s have faced this so many times,
And there are others who are also feeling blue.

My heart goes out to comfort them,
To say I know what they’re feeling,
And that God will bring perfect peace,
His arms hold wonderful healing.

Daddy, I know where you are,
And truly you’re not that far,
How you love me has never ended,
And right now you’re living in the peace God intended.

On this Father’s Day,
I want to say I love you,
And I couldn’t have ever imagined my life,
Without a Daddy as wonderful as you.

Now to all those out there,
With Dad’s they’ve lost whom they loved,
Remember that God is taking care of us,
Even from Heaven above.

And to all those here,
With father’s still by their side,
Show them your love,
And give them your time.

A Dad is irreplaceable,
The love he has for his children,
It’s unmistakable.

So let us be glad,
Not depressed, glum, or sad,
Let us be joyful,
In the blessing of having a Dad.

Keep your chin up,
God is watching from above.
And no matter the situation,
We can always rest in our HEAVENLY Father’s love.

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Aug 04, 2011
Thank You!
by: Kalee

Thank you Gwen, and I'm sorry for your loss. And God is my strength in the hard times, as well as all the good memories I can hold onto!

Jul 29, 2011
beautiful poem
by: Gwen

What a beautiful poem Kalee, I lost my father too. It's great that you have so many wonderful memories of your life with your father, cherish them. best wishes to you and your family. Gwen

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