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Welcome to my collection of encouragement quotes. Here you will find inspirational quotes from your favorite topics that will enlighten you, motivate you, give you strength or just make you laugh.

In addition to quotes, there are stories, poems and other material interwoven with my personal life experiences. Read inspirational short stories that arise during my everyday life.

My children, who are full of character and funny life sayings, will be quoted here every now and then. Perhaps my witty four year old grand daughter will conjure up an experience that I just cannot help but to share with you.

Feel free to share your inspirational quotes and Poems. Perhaps you have your own inspirational love poems that you'd like to share. Maybe you have witty quotes or inspirational quotes for kids from your grandchildren.

Come with me on the journey toward wisdom, strength and success through encouragement quotes. Subscribe for new quotes, articles and fun participation opportunities as this site grows.

Welcome and enjoy yourself!

Mohandas Gandhi

"Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever."

~ Mohandas Gandhi

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Welcome to the Inspiration Blog where you will find encouragement quotes for your soul.

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