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Holiday quotes are awesome for remembering wonderful and exciting times. Some of the happiest and most memorable times that I have had with my family were during the holidays. Holidays often bring families together traveling to and fro to reach holiday destinations. This can also be exciting and hectic.

I can recall a lot of wonderful memories during holidays but my favorite time of year starts with Thanksgiving. To me that starts the holiday season and we just move right on through to Christmas and a new year.

When I was in grade school many years ago , I would walk with my sisters and my dad and we would have lots of fun running skipping and singing , “over the River and through the woods to grandmother's house we go. “ I'm not going to repeat the rest of the song but I taught this to my own children as they were growing up. I always thought about this song when it came time for the holidays because we spent a lot of time at my mother’s house, their grandmother.

Friends and family would gather at grandma’s house. We always had a wonderful time! It was a fun and festive time when we could all come together, dine together, break bread together, sing together and play games. It was a time to just enjoy one another.

Evening came with time of sharing what I wish everyone could experience. We would reflect on our life and our blessings and give thanks for all that God had provided for us . I love to read the great holiday quotes and New Year's quotes. The kids just loved the inspirational Christmas stories that we read to them. Have you ever heard of Amahl and the Night Visitors? We just love getting together, gathering around the TV and watching Christmas movies. One of my favorites is Charles Dickens , “ A Christmas Carol.“

You must have family inspirational Christmas stories, New Years quotes or Easter Poems, songs or holiday movies that are special to you. Would you join me in sharing special holiday memories? Here are some holiday quotes guaranteed to get you into the holiday spirit and if you have something to share we would love to hear them. Just click here to access some of my favorites enjoy.

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