I just love inspirational quotes and poems. If you've had a gloomy day there is nothing like the encouragement that you receive from a poem, an inspiring song, motivational poetry or old wise quotes. They just truly lift your spirit and mood. Turn on some music that you love and sit down with the book of quotes and poems. Or come on the journey with me while I share some of my favorites.

Surely everyone can benefit from self motivational tips. I could use extra motivation in business so that I can be as fruitful as possible in life. Then to bring everything back home to a cozy warm experience read inspirational family poems and share your own.

Do you have favorite inspirational life quotes that have been an encouragement to you throughout the years? Perhaps you can share your inspirational quotes for kids. Feel free to share them with me; I would love to hear from you.

Do yourself a favor, sit back and relax. Forget your worries! Energize your mind and spirit and enjoy some of these great quotes and poems. Be encouraged!

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