by Raymond
(Richmond Hill, GA USA)

Two months ago I ended my relationship with my girlfriend for reasons I am not sure.

You see she and I had an affair which resulted in divorce for us both. We were high school classmates reunited after 25 years. I thought that I needed space as the relationship was heading for another commitment on our part.

Now, I have decided that I have made a very huge mistake in my choices and have tried to get her back. I'm paying dearly every day for making that horrible choice.

I have made contact with her and she has her "wall" up of course and won't let me in. She is now seeing another person which makes the situation even worse. I haven't seen anyone since I made the decision to end our relationship. She says she wants to give this guy a chance...??

I just want her back too badly and will do anything in my power to make our relationship work and have a loving family for our future.

If you have any advice or quotes that will brighten my days please share them.


Miserable :(

Gwen's Response

Hi, I'm sorry about your situation. Here is some encouragement that I truly hope will brighten your day.

For more advise visit my daughters website at Give True Love


"Look to this day.
For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow only a vision.
But today well lived,
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and
Every tomorrow a vision of hope." (Unknown)

In HIS Time

Sometimes we're discouraged
and it's hard to understand
the reasons why things don't work out
exactly like we've planned...

But underneath the surface
is a purpose we don't know,
and we can trust God's promises
to make our blessings GROW!

So just hang on a little while
with patience and with prayer
and you may find a precious gift
you didn't know was there!

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