Power of the Unspoken Word

by Teresa Cartwright
(Fort Worth, Texas)

It was late one evening after my children had gone to bed. I was only three months into a whirlwind of a life altering change in my life and my children's too. We had all been to counseling for the crisis at hand and my nerves were frazzled, my heart and spirit were broken.
I had no idea how I could keep up my pace and maintain a good attitude for my children, much less face my job and the horrible issues at hand affecting my family and my personal life. I started sobbing uncontrollably as I replayed a question my counselor had asked me just a few days prior during one of my sessions. She said, "Terea, I know you are there for your children and you are supportive & loving during this difficult time, but who is there for you"?
This made me cry even harder and I actually lay in bed crying outloud "who is there for ME, who is there for ME"
After several minutes of cyring, I could no longer breathe, so I got up to wash my face and blow my nose. As I'm standing at the sink running cold tap water, I glimpse out of the corner of my eye what appears to be a small balck instmatic camera on the counter. Now in the midst of an emotional breakdown, I have no idea why I'm concerned one way or another whether or not there is a camera on my vanity; however the odd thing was that I knew we didn't have a camera! So, with the tap water still running, I pick up the item and turn it over to find a strip of white paper on the underside with a typed message "YOU ARE REALLY GREAT"!
As I read the words to myself, I immmediately turned to my left shoulder as I "felt" a sort of presence or something and the hair on back of my neck stood up! I put the black box down on the vanity, and washed my face. I returned to my bed, and as I crawled back under the covers, I recalled that my daughter had just asked me the day before if she could remove the voice box from her stuffed bear that her grandparents had given her for Christmas last year, because the voice box no longer worked when you squeezed the bear's paw. At that moment, I felt calm and peaceful...like I had been given a sedative. A smile crept over my face, and I realized that my question "who was there for me" was answered loud and clear...never hearing a word!

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