My son, My heart.

by Christian May
(Bay Minette, AL)

Years ago they came with their chains and took me away from all that I love, My son, My heart. I cried out to them to let me go, but they abused me all the more.

I tried to break free and I sometimes got away. but only to be trapped again. Time and time again.
Tears, prayers and hopelessness behind enemy lines; will I ever be free to go back to what I love? My son, My heart.

A man in chains with me, told me how to be free again.

I listened to every word and begin to hope again. As it sank deep into My heart, My son.
The truth was simple and I became determined to follow the way.

If my son could only know how I long to come home.
Now the truth has set me free and I feel I forgot the way, but with each step I take in his direction; My son, My heart, My longing to be home.

I have been taken, shaken, and mistaken but I will remember the way. With God's help. My son My heart with God's help I take each step and My love, My son, My heart.I remember.

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