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When I was a little girl, I remember that we were not rich, but we were happy. There was a strong sense of family, faith, hope, and thanksgiving for all that God had provided for us. But most of all we felt love.

My five sisters and I had the love of a mother whose faith encouraged us and held us together as a family. We had the love of a father whose courage inspired us and gave us a true sense of self.

Dad’s wit and wisdom was truly inspirational to all of us. It gave us tools to guard our life it also helped us to grow in grace. We were able to share this with others, many of whom became our extended family.

I have now passed my 50th birthday I am now the mother, I am the wife, And I am the grandma. I have four children and a four year old granddaughter.

As my kids grew, I found myself going back to the teachings of my mother and my father’s encouraging and motivational life experiences. In their words , I still find what I need to live successfully. Likewise this website will provide hope quotes, faith quotes, courage quotes, forgiveness quotes and love quotes that I want to share this with you and your family.

My hope is that you will find some principles that will change your life and empower your steps. I hope to motivate you as you build on your dreams. I pray that this site will encourage you and give you inspiration as you go forth in your life.

Live life to the fullest!

All The Best


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