A temple in India (Tirupati)

by Maayan

There I am, the riches and bounds of lively hills
the coolest wind blows and make my eyes chills
All over here, it is the place where people see a ray of hope

Returning home with the way of Peace and Joy
I'm seeing the ants stepping in to the hanging rope.

without knowledge of what they had when they reached the top.

Same as them, we are traveling our life without the reason.

Let us stop our search to live outside,
Reach one's treasures which are sleeping inside

There I am, standing in a queue.
With the belief of the Lord who gives me a clue.

Millions of people coming here, Chanting his name with the drops of tears!

Oh my Lord! Bless all thee, Give me the life to think of only you as creed!

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